How to take care of tomato plants indoors

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How to take care of tomato plants indoors

Tomatoes are a must for indoor gardening for anyone in a warm climate.

They’re easy to grow and produce plenty of fresh, tasty fruit. They’re also easy to grow and to care for indoors. Tomatoes are available in a wide range of colors. There are yellow and orange tomatoes, as well as red ones. The best tomatoes are long-keeping heirlooms, not hybrids.

Where to buy tomatoes

Any well-stocked garden center will have tomatoes available for purchase. They’re also available through mail order.

How to grow tomatoes indoors

As with most vegetables, there’s more than one way to grow tomatoes. I grow them on a raised bed filled with good, loose soil. I water them daily, with half water and half food-based fertilizer. I also mulch around the plants. The main things I do differently from many other growers is to keep them from getting as hot as they might outdoors, and to keep them from getting too damp. The soil in my room gets plenty of sun, but it doesn’t get as hot as out in the garden, and it doesn’t get as dry as out on the coast.

Mulch your tomato plants

A layer of mulch helps to conserve moisture around your tomato plants and keep them cool. I usually use straw.

Watering tomatoes

It’s easy to overwater tomatoes. Keep your tomatoes well-watered until the weather turns cold, and only let the soil dry out between waterings. You don’t have to water more often than that, but less water is better than too much.

When you water, avoid splashing the leaves. This can damage the leaves, or make them take up more water than they need. Instead, water from the bottom.

In warm weather, tomato leaves can get a little big for their britches. They’ll get leggy if you let them, so be careful to pinch them back. You can also pinch them back yourself when the weather gets cold.

To grow tomatoes successfully, you need a warm, sunny spot, a raised bed, and good, loose soil. With those things, you can grow any kind of tomato that you’d like.

If you have the room for it, and if your home has enough electrical power for you to run a grow light, and if you’re OK with the noise, it’s very easy to grow your own tomatoes. You can probably grow most kinds right in your home. You just need a warm spot and a little experience. I wrote about how to grow them here.

Here’s a bonus photo of an early tomato from my rooftop garden. You can click to make it bigger.

What other tips do you have for growing tomatoes in your home? Leave them in the comments.

Do you use a timer to water your garden? Leave a comment!

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