Cathalea plant care

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Cathalea plant care, which includes the removal of weeds, fertilizing and water, is done by hand and/or with the use of a power machine or tractor. A farmer is required to get rid of weeds and plant grass at the same time. This has two different effects: It causes stress on the farmer, who needs to balance watering the crop (which makes the weeds grow) and trying to cut the weeds down. It also causes stress for the cat farmer, who has to handle the cat while cutting the weeds, trying to catch the cat if it gets out of the yard, and trying to get the cat back into the yard.

Furthermore, conventional methods for cleaning a cat litter box usually involve the cat owner lifting the lid and lifting the cat out of the litter box and then pouring the contents of the litter box into a container (e.g., a pail or garbage can). Cleaning a cat litter box may also involve scraping the litter box with a shovel or claw hammer, using a rake, or the like. These methods are labor intensive and involve manual labor, thereby requiring a farmer or other cat caretaker to spend a considerable amount of time performing these tasks. Therefore, it is often times more cost effective for cat owners to have an outside service come to their home and clean the litter box than to try to clean the box themselves.

For these reasons, there is a need for a system or apparatus that is able to clean a cat litter box without the need for manual labor and/or physical efforts by a cat owner. Such a system or apparatus is disclosed herein.


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