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Even if your home is lacking in square footage , incorporating some greenery here and there is essential to bringing it to life. Naturally, indoor plants add more beauty to a space while also providing functional benefits, like promoting a positive mood , purifying the air , and making you feel connected to nature without having to step outside. So there is no reason to let a small space or lack of gardening experience stop you from flexing your green thumb inside your home! Below, we've rounded up 22 indoor plants, including those that take up minimal space—and some that grow into full-blown trees if you have just a bit more room to work with. M any even require little sun , which is a must when you only have a few windows. And if you don't have much of a green thumb—hey, you'll get there!

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Top Houseplants For Low, Medium and High Light Conditions Indoors

Indoor plants have been popular for the longest time, with social media filled with photos of luscious evergreens, cacti, and other attractive greenery. Granted, many of these pictures feature bright rays of sunshine streaming in through large windows and plants bathed in light. This makes sense as they are designed to blossom in the sunshine in their natural habitat. However, there is nothing natural about indoor plants.

This man-made concept thus requires us to mimic the outdoor habitat for them to flourish. You may be a plant lover, but unfortunately, you do not have a garden. Even worse, you may live in a gloomy apartment with low light. This makes the option of a houseplant impractical. Well, all is not lost! You can always grow easy to maintain indoor plants.

For low light, there are certain types of greenery that can thrive in indirect light. Our ever-increasing sedentary lifestyle has caused a disconnect from nature. As we spend more time indoors, there is little chance of interacting with live plants. Our urban homes and busy streets leave little room for contact with nature.

Considering this was almost 10 years ago, that number has definitely increased. Currently, approximately only 7. This is all the more reason houseplants have gained such popularity.

A touch of green has been proven to have numerous benefits including:. The benefits of indoor plants are numerous, and even in low light, they improve your living areas. No matter the light conditions, there is a good chance of growing a blooming indoor plant.

Low light is but a mere inconvenience. This is one of the most popular indoor low light plants and is known worldwide as the perfect potted plant. This plant is low maintenance, easy to grow, and can store water for long periods. The dark color means they absorb light even in dim spaces making them good low lights.

It is important to note that the plant is poisonous if consumed and should be kept away from pets. The ease of care makes this low light rhizome plant a hit for offices and homes where they brighten up interior spaces. They also have air-purifying capabilities, removing xylene, benzene, and ethylbenzene from the air. Tip: Overwatering the ZZ plant can kill it. Watch out for yellow leaves that indicate rotting rhizomes.

The snake plant is a highly tolerant plant that is very hard to kill. Even the most negligent gardeners can grow it without much stress. It has a rich history amongst many cultures across the world. The Chinese place it near entrances as they believe it welcomes the eight virtues. In Africa, it is believed to protect against bewitchment. In our age, the plant is renowned for its air-purifying qualities and prefers to grow in indirect light. This houseplant is hardy and can survive long periods without water.

When you do water them, let the soil dry between waterings and avoid overwatering. Adaptability and ease of growth make this plant excellent for household potting in low light spaces. Their cascading leaves also allow for elegant hanging baskets. The spider plant can survive neglect and when mature, only need moderate watering.

They do well in low light as they do not appreciate bright light or direct sunlight which can burn their leaves. Avoid watering them with fluoridated or chlorinated water. The buildup of salt and chemicals may cause the tips to turn brown. It is advised to use rainwater or distilled water. This capability only increases as the plant matures. Widely used for interior decorating, this tough plant can withstand poor conditions.

From the Aglaonema genus, they tolerate and even thrive in low light conditions. The dark green variety of this plant also prefers indirect light and shaded areas.

It is important to note they are toxic to pets and may cause significant injury and distress. With a beautiful flower reminiscent of a white flag, this popular houseplant evokes tranquility. It can grow in areas with little light and will burn in direct sunlight.

The low light shrub should not be allowed to sit in a bowl of water but the soil needs to be slightly moist at all times. To create a topical haven in your home, this fern is an obvious choice. They make for fantastic houseplants because they do not need constant attention and do well in low light. You will just need to keep it in a warm, humid area such as the kitchen or bathroom and it will thrive.

The plant also does well when placed near an east or north facing window away from direct light. You can also make a humidity tray by placing a tray of pebbles beneath the plant pot.

Cover the stones with water and place the plant just above the waterline. As the water evaporates, a layer of humidity will be created around the plant. Start your journey to brighten up a gloomy room with these best low light plants that will flourish. They are easy to grow and you never have to worry about moving them into the light.

For the best advice, Gardening Channel provides tips to let you bring nature into your living spaces. You can also get further guidance from our expert gardeners by following our informative Facebook page. Photo from pexels. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Our gardening obsessed editors and writers choose every product we review. We may earn an affiliate commission if you buy from one of our product links, at no extra cost to you.

Image source unsplash. Advantages of Indoor Plants Our ever-increasing sedentary lifestyle has caused a disconnect from nature. Image source nature. A touch of green has been proven to have numerous benefits including: Reduce stress and anxiety Studies show that interacting with indoor plants can reduce physiological and psychological stress. Touching and smelling greenery reduces anxiety and quells the human urge to connect with nature. Among some scientific circles, this is known as biophilia.

Potting soil is also found to contain microbes that work as natural antidepressants. Potted low light plants such as the snake plant will help you de-stress and sleep better. Improve air quality According to the American Lung Association , the air indoors can be more polluted than outdoors. Exposure to pollutants such as ammonia, radon, benzene, mold, and carbon monoxide can cause headaches and dry eyes.

They can also exacerbate conditions such as asthma. Low light plants such as peace lily and spider plants are known to filter some of these toxic fumes.

Increase productivity The calming influence of nature allows you to perform tasks better and with greater accuracy. Ornamental plants increase memory retention and concentration. Experts also say plants stimulate the senses, improve mental cognition, and increase performance.

Here is our list of easy to grow plants to grow in low light. Best Low Light Plants ZZ Plant This is one of the most popular indoor low light plants and is known worldwide as the perfect potted plant.

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The 35 Best Indoor Plants for Apartments to Buy Online

Also known as common ivy, English ivy Hedera helix is grown for its lush, glossy foliage both indoors and out in the garden. It's one of the best indoor plants for low light but it will grow more full in brighter light. It comes in a number of varieties that offer different leaf shapes and colors. This small houseplant gets its name from the tiny round leaves that line its delicate, trailing stems. This low-maintenance and drought-tolerant houseplant is often confined to tabletop planters , but it truly shines when its ropelike stems can dangle from a hanging pot. Gracefully arching, narrow leaves earned spider plant Chlorophytum comosum its name.

Discover our top 5 best indoor house plants that are perfect for busy lives with low maintence while looking great. Get inspired with Lovell Homes.

Best indoor house plants

One of the easiest ways to brighten up a room is to add some plants to it. But what if you really want your room to look like a lush indoor jungle rather than a tired semi-desert? The good news is that there are other types of plants that require little maintenance. Here are 20 easy to care for indoor plants that go beyond succulents. Published March 28, , Updated February 3,Photo Credit: Unsplash. Photo Credit: Getty Images. Green Living.

Indoor Plants That Thrive on Neglect

There are the dozens of succulents I thought would thrive on my kitchen windowsill, only to wilt, brown and crumple into a heap of dust a few weeks later. Then there are the two beautiful palms that I impulse-bought online from The Home Depot and had delivered right to my doorstep the next afternoon. They stood in all of their beautiful, leafy glory for approximately 2. But it turns out I'm not cursed with a black thumb. I was simply making some very common, rookie mistakes when it comes to plant care.

Are the plants you love the ones you can have?

Your Guide to the Perfect Low Light Plant That Will Thrive in Your Home

Plants always make places seem magical and unique. And there is a reason for that; bright green leaves have the power to transmit peace and tranquility Lee et alFor those of us who want to make plants part of our daily life, there are a few things to think about when it comes to our selection of indoor plants. For instance, due to seasonality, outdoor plants only last so long. Fortunately plants are very flexible.

26 Gorgeous Low Maintenance Houseplants to Brighten Your Home

Don't worry if you have small space in your indoor house. You can still have plants at your home. There are many indoor plants which are suitable according to space and conditions. These food sticks for plants fertilize your indoor plants in seconds. Insert the number of sticks according to the pot diameter and you are done for 2 months. Happy Gardening!!

Which houseplants should first-time gardeners grow? Indoor Plants #1: Snake Plant. Indoor plants_snake plant Thrives in low light. Also.

36 Low-Light Houseplants That Can Survive in Even the Darkest Corner

Ashley Abramson is an expert writer for MyDomaine with more than five years of experience creating lifestyle content. She is based in Milwaukee, WI. Houseplants are a super simple but surprisingly impactful way to add color and texture to any space. While any plant can infuse your home with some much-needed life, think outside the box if you really want a change.

16 Best Indoor Plants For Small Pots

If Pinterest and Instagram are anything to go by, the world has become obsessed with houseplants. And for good reason. Bringing the outdoors indoors with some beautiful indoor plants has heaps of benefits. Research has suggested that houseplants help improve mood, productivity , and overall well-being. Tending to plants is a great way to relax, while the plants themselves purify the air in your home , absorbing pollutants and toxins. Not to mention the fact that green houseplants can transform a space aesthetically.

Living greenery brings beauty, softness and life to any interior — but which ones cope best with the hurly-burly of a busy household? Fiddle-leaf fig Ficus lyrata Water: Once per week.

16 Indoor Plants to Liven Up Your Kitchen Space

Indoor plants add beauty and color to your decor. Many real estate specialists recommend adding a few healthy green houseplants as you spruce up your home to sell. Snake plant features erect sword-shaped leaves that grow 18 to 30 inches; a small variety with 4-inch tall leaves forms a rosette. In fact, infrequent watering is good for this plant, because over-watering can cause rot to form. Always allow the soil to dry completely between waterings. The heart-leaf philodendron Philodendron scandens var.

17 of the Best Indoor Hanging Plants That Will Thrive in Your Home

Plant Care Today. Email is always coming in with questions about what houseplants are the best indoors and what light they should have. I guess that is something at times I take for granted… seeing plants indoors. Recently I had to catch a plane that took me through the Atlanta airport.


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