Good indoor plants without natural light

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Good indoor plants without natural light?

My question is, how do you get good indoor plants without natural light? My house is so small, I would like to do some kind of small room with plants that does not get any natural light. My house has small bedrooms and a bathroom.

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I would also look at hanging baskets, and a few plants that you can move into a smaller pot to use. Some plants that have been around for a long time in my experience need bright light. If that is what you are looking for, perhaps a few plants from a house or nursery will work. Other plants have been around a shorter time and will be fine in a dark room.

This is my first year with a living room, where I have never had to deal with lack of natural light. I started with an aquasolium, two or three small vases, some African Violet's, an amaryllis, and four pachysandra.

I've heard that it's better to grow tropical plants indoors to get natural lighting but I don't know how true this is and I don't want my plants to get too hot/soggy and I also want something native to the US.

I have been growing my pothos outside in my little back yard in full sun since about 1998 and my house has a bit of a north facing window. I'm looking for something new that will work well in a bathroom with a toilet and shower, no direct sunlight but a good deal of indirect, with a small footprint. What are some of your favorite indoor plants?

Most of the plants that were mentioned here are good choices. I would say the biggest consideration in choosing plants is the light requirements. The best general-purpose indoor plants are of course the houseplants. If you have to have a room without light, then the best idea would be to just go to a plant store and look around for potted plants that will do well in limited lighting conditions.

I was actually thinking the same thing about plants you can grow in the bathroom. We used to have plants at work and they were wonderful (they looked pretty good even on the lightest setting). Of course, they weren't easy to care for. It is great that you have a house plant in your home that you can enjoy.

I used to grow ficus (which were just regular bonsai) but then I found and started growing a houseplant called Ficus (like Ficus benjamina) and I love the results. They're not just for bathrooms, either! I've had mine since I was maybe 12 and they're now around 18. They look good at night in my room too.

I have a large indoor plant called the Japanese spider plant. I've had this plant for 6-7 years now, and in that time, it has been growing nicely. It doesn't have a lot of water. I'll have to do a bit more research and see if I can find out how often I need to water it.

I've got a small plant in my living room, a small cactus (not real cactus) and another in a large planter in the family room (as well as a small indoor plant in the bathroom). I also have a large plant in the kitchen, but it's for show only.

I had a Ficus tree when I was a kid (and when I think of it now, it was a big disappointment). I used to live in an apartment and had to bring it in from the open window.

Well, I've got a bonsai tree in my garden. When I first moved to my new house, the tree was a little over 8 ft high and I thought I'd love to have it inside. But every time I sat at my desk I noticed that I'd be facing the wrong way. So, I decided that I'd put the tree outside. But my garden is small. I've got a small patio and a smaller greenhouse. The tree was about 2ft away from the house when I first planted it. I don't think that's ever going to change.

I don't have anything in particular to call a "favorite" plant. But, I do like to grow things in general. This year, I have two containers of tomatoes (4 plants in each) that I planted in March. Right now, both containers have more than enough tomatoes.

There's one specific plant that I've always had in my room. It's a big pink rose. I got it from the hospital and every time I'd have to leave the room, I'd leave it in there with me. So, I guess you could say that I'm attached to it.

I grew my own houseplants until about a year ago. I moved out of my parents' house and I moved into a place where the landlord did not allow any flowers or grass in the house. I couldn't get a houseplant of my own. So, I've always had to get my own houseplants. I like the challenge of finding out how to care for each plant that I get. I used to take care of all of my houseplants and I was good at it. But, lately, I've been struggling to care for them.

My last houseplant died within the first month that I moved out. The only thing I could do was to buy the plant from the local nursery. I don't think I'm a good nurser.

I know how to take care of my houseplants. But, my plants like to grow and I'm a little scared of letting them out of my sight. But, the last houseplant that I kept in my room died. It didn't have any roots. So, if I let it out, it won't be able to survive in the outside world.

If I had a houseplant, I would place it in a plant stand in the living room. My house doesn't have a plant stand. I would also use the plant stand to display items that I like. For example, I like to display my cat pictures that I found online. They're in frames with a stand in the living room. I like it so much that I plan on buying an identical frame that matches the one I already have.

I think I have some plants at my house. They're small green things that I think are herbs. But, I don't really know because I don't have a plant stand. I want to know more about the plants at my house. I wonder how they got there.

I think I know how to take care of my plants. But, I just want to be sure that I'm doing it right. I don't want to lose my houseplants. I have a picture of the plant stand that I want to buy in my room.

What a great idea! I need to look into getting a houseplant. My friend bought a new home, but she wasn't able to get a houseplant until she had some guests who brought houseplants with them. They said it was great, they didn't want to go home without a houseplant. I don't have a plant stand either, I just use my shoe box. It holds my plants fine. I have some very, very tiny ones that I keep in there. My cat likes to play with them and eat the leaves off the herbs.

I love reading about houseplants. I haven't been keeping one for a long time. I don't have a plant stand either. My cat eats them and takes the plants down to the basement. I really should take better care of my plants and take them down to the basement when


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