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Corporate Events. Longer term hire including full plant maintenance and rotation is available to keep your plants looking perfect. Our Rutland Street store is filled top to bottom with some of the best-quality indoor plants for sale in Geelong, all carefully hand-picked by our team! In the case of orchids remove the plant from the pot. Perfect for adding an oriental touch to your marquee.

  • Hard-to-kill houseplants
  • 23 Low-Light Houseplants That Are Easy to Maintain and (Nearly) Impossible to Kill
  • The best houseplants: which to choose and how to look after them
  • A local version of The Love The Garden website exists
  • Tall aloe vera like plant
  • No green thumb necessary: These are the prettiest low-maintenance plants for your home
  • Top 5 Easiest Low-Light Houseplants
  • Nursery species
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Hard-to-kill houseplants

No sun? No problem! If you love plants but live in a space that's lacking in light, don't despair. There are plants that you can grow even in the darkest of corners and dimmest of rooms. From long-loved houseplants like philodendrons and parlor palms to new favorites with beautiful leaves, like calatheas and arrowhead plants, there's a species on this list that's perfect for your window-challenged abode.

Once you've chosen a new plant or two, remember that the most important part of tending houseplants is to pay attention. Checking on them regularly and identifying their light and water needs will help you help them. Even the hardiest of houseplants need some time to adapt to new spaces.

All of these plants can tolerate low light, though some do grow best in medium indirect light. Do a little research and find the ones that will work for you. Syngonium podophyllum Arrowhead plants have spade-shaped flowers in a variety of colors, including green, cream, silver, and pink.

They tolerate low light and appreciate high humidity. Calathea sp. These easy-to-grow plants can thrive in spaces with minimal sunlight. They're prized for their foliage, which has striking colors and patterns. The species Calathea orbifolia has luminous green leaves. Aspidistra elatior These plants come by their common name honestly.

They are very hardy can withstand most all conditions indoors, including low light. Dracaena sp. These pretty houseplants have strap-shaped leaves, many of which are striped with shades of green, cream, and grey.

They have low light requirements and, in the right environment, can grow to feet tall. Fittonia albivenis Nerve plants can thrive in dim light. They are known for their foliage, which is deep green with red, pink, or white veins.

Sansevieria trifasciata These low-maintenance plants tolerate both low light and drought, which makes them popular plants for busy people. Just be sure to check on them every now and then to ensure they're growing well. Chlorophytum comosum While they grow best in medium levels of indirect light, the hardy spider plant can survive in low-light situations.

Plant them in hanging baskets for a stream of lively green-and-white foliage. Chamaedorea elegans With a name that nods to their popularity as houseplants, parlor palms are compact, slow-growing plantings that can thrive in small spaces and dim light.

Their calling card is a burst of bushy, deep green foliage. Peperomia sp. These ornamental plants are grown indoors for their pretty foliage, which comes in an array of shapes and patterns. Peperomia albovittata has watermelon-patterned leaves that emerge in shady environs. Philodendron sp. There are nearly species of philodendrons, some of which are grown as houseplants.

They are some of the easiest to grow and have a variety of foliage colors and types. They grow best in dappled light and appreciate some shade. Pilea peperomioides This plant is also called a coin plant because its bright green foliage is coin-shaped and born lightly on thin stems. It loves the shade and shies away from too much bright light. Epipremnum aureum Pothos, also known as devil's ivy, is an easy houseplant to grow, not least because it can tolerate dim light and a bit of drought.

Zamioculcas zamiifolia This catchily named plant is a go-to houseplant for hands-off gardeners. It stands up to drought and low light with no trouble. By Southern Living June 08,Save FB Tweet More. Dracaena 'White Jewel'.

Peperomia albovittata. Pilea peperomioides. What are your favorite houseplants? Do you have sunny windows or are you longing for some light? All rights reserved. Close Sign in.

23 Low-Light Houseplants That Are Easy to Maintain and (Nearly) Impossible to Kill

Start the seeds indoors in late winter, germinating them uncovered on top of the medium in a seed flat or either on top or inside the hole of the Bio Sponge in your Bio Dome. The lovely blooms will attract bees as well. Lisianthus Mixed. Uses: Great for flowerbeds, borders, and in containers. There are also dark pink and purple variations.

Indoor plants can help improve air quality, reduce stress, and boost Make sure you put your aloe plant in bright, indirect sunlight and.

The best houseplants: which to choose and how to look after them

Aside from looking great, plants have been proven to improve workplace productivity, enhance employee wellbeing and can also help to contribute to cleaner air conditions — but what can you do if your office has poor natural light or even has no windows at all? Plants need light to photosynthesize, taking in energy from light via their green leaves and using it to produce food, but not all plants require direct sunlight to grow. In fact, many plants prefer medium and low light conditions, with some even able to survive with fluorescent lighting and no natural light at all. So even if your office has very little natural light, or even no windows at all, with careful plant selection and maintenance you can still enjoy the benefits of plants in your workplace. Although sunlight is typically the preferred light source for many indoor plants, fluorescent light which just so happens to be one of the most common forms of artificial lighting used in offices can also be a worthy substitute. Not all indoor plants can survive on fluorescent light alone, but many will tolerate highly shaded conditions if they also have access to fluorescent light throughout the day. In extremely low light situations, there are a few plants that will survive on fluorescent light alone, though to keep them at their healthiest we recommend rotating them into brighter positions, something that we can do on your behalf as a part of our indoor plant care and plant rental services.

A local version of The Love The Garden website exists

If you buy an item via links on this page, we may earn a commission. Our editorial content is not influenced by commissions. Read the full disclosure. It is important that a home is not just a place where we survive, but where we live. One of the best ways I have found that adds a touch of home to any house is by adding houseplants.

Keep your houseplants happy and healthy!

Tall aloe vera like plant

Search Products:. Nursery species. It can also be contained by a root barrier, if desired. Trees are the most important plants in temperate forests. While Japanese knotweed and purple loosestrife have become poster children for invasive plants because they are so widespread, … This is the first of two lessons about reproduction in plants.

No green thumb necessary: These are the prettiest low-maintenance plants for your home

Learning Center. Having houseplants in your home is uplifting, and helps make a home cozy. We want plants to soften our rooms and provide fresh air. Lighting can play a big role in the placement of plants for our interiors, and it is interesting to note that the words used for outside areas are different than for growing inside. Shade, part sun and full sun are often used to be a guideline for our flower beds and bright light, low light and indirect light are used for inside our homes. Lets face it, when looking to add plants to our homes, we have a specific spot in mind. We will look at houseplant placement in such a way to come to an understanding how light levels can influence where you put them, your plants will thank you! This is when you want to put your houseplants far, far away from windows.

Use the quick-start chart below to see which is best for the spot you've chosen. bright light plants. Bright light. Direct sunlight. Long sun exposure. South or.

Top 5 Easiest Low-Light Houseplants

Introduction to 30 Best air-purifying plants for indoors and outdoors: Air pollution is a mixture of natural and man-made substances in this air that we breathe. Pollution can be divided into two categories — Indoor air pollution and Outdoor air pollution. Outdoor air pollution is beyond the naturally built environment.

Nursery species

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As I write these very words, I am taking a look around to count the houseplants I have on my writing desk and all around the room. Right now, I am fortunate to have a sunroom in my apartment, a safe place for houseplants to perk up and do their thing. It struck me as an inhospitable environment for houseplants, a dark and cool dungeon that offered them little invitation and support. We link to vendors to help you find relevant products. If you buy from one of our links, we may earn a commission.

As well as being beautiful and decorative, houseplants have a number of benefits to your home. They can be great for removing toxic agents in the air through air purification, your indoor plants can also improve your health, and sharpen your focus if you have your plants in an office or classroom environment.

Let's shed some light on the subject of houseplant growing. For plants to thrive, they need proper sun exposure. To figure out how much you have, you'll need to measure it. Have a digital camera? Great -- if it has an aperture priority setting many recent models do. How about a large piece of white poster board?

It can be a bit difficult to find the right type of plants to grow in a bathroom because most bathrooms are high in humidity and low on light. The good news is, these conditions are perfect for tropical plants as well as many other plants. Adding flair to your bath is easy when you know which plant works best. Hot water from the faucet, tub, or shower can cause humidity to rise quickly in the bath.

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